15 - Suitable for 15 and over

The Lesson

Dir. Kristina Grozeva, Petar Valchanov (Bulgaria 2014, 111mins 15)
There are great films coming out of Eastern Europe such as this powerful and meticulously directed drama of black humour and desperate twists of fate about a teacher who tries to instil morality into her pupils, whilst surrounded by crime lords and economic distress.

The Mill and the Cross

Dir. Lech Majewski (Poland 2011, 96mins 15)
This is beyond words – there is little dialogue in a truly extraordinary film (starring Rutger Hauer and CharlotteRampling) that cinematically enters into the world of paintingwith a recreation of Bruegel’s 1564 masterpiece, The Way of Calvary, using live action and special effects which deliver almost 3D images.


Dir. Sebastian Schipper (Germany 2013, 138mins 15)
An extraordinary technical feat – the whole film was shot in one continuous take. Full of twists and believable characters, convincing performances, this is a truly compelling thriller from frame one to the last.

Miasto 44 (Warsaw 44)

Dir. Jan Komasa (Poland 2014, 130mins 15)
Poland’s most expensive film production and big hit at the box office is an extraordinary take on the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 and its brutal suppression by the Nazi occupiers. An epic war film that centres on the destruction of the nationalist youth who found love, adventure and death.

P'tit Quin Quin

Dir. Bruno Dumont (France 2014, 190mins 15)
A cross between Inspector Clouseau, Monty Python and Patricia Highsmith, this metaphysical murder mystery with its dead-pan humour and, at times, serious tone is one of the most quirky and enjoyable films of the year. It contains, possibly, the funniest scene in cinema since Jerry Lewis.


Dir. Grimur Hakonarson (Iceland 2015, 93mins 15)
This gorgeous little film from Iceland has been the offbeat hit of the year. Two sheep farming brothers who haven’t spoken for forty years are forced by circumstance to end their decades’ long feud.

The Second Mother

Dir. Anna Muylaert (Brazil 2015, 112mins 15)
An excitingly fresh and totally convincing take on an old idea – class barriers come tumbling down in a Brazilian family when the housekeeper’s daughter appears. Fast pace, well-drawn and absorbing characters make this outstanding picture sing, and audiences loved it. (See www.gingerbreadhousepresents.co.uk for tickets)

A War

Dir. Tobias Lindholm (Denmark 2015, 115mins 15)
A nerve-shattering first half introduces this intelligent, tense and impeccably even-handed war drama about a commander who commits – depending on your perspective - a tragic mistake or war crime - Denmark’s Oscar entry this year.

Goodnight Mommy

Dir. Severin Fiala, Veronika Franz (Austria 2014, 99mins 15)
One of the year’s creepiest films is a perfect horror Austrian tale of twins who welcome home their mother after reconstructive surgery to her face. Dark, violent and drenched in dread.


Dir. Denis Villeneuve (US 2015, 121mins 15)
A real white-knuckle drug-trade thriller centred on the Mexican border that delivers great and often gruesome set pieces and an award-winning performance for best supporting actor from Benicio del Toro.


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