15 - Suitable for 15 and over

Gimme Danger: The Story of the Stooges

Dir. Jim Jarmusch, US, 2016

A bigtime fan, Jarmusch's in-depth documentary on Iggy and the Stooges, the band - the antithesis of psychedelia - with an aggressive and powerful style of fundamental rock-n-roll which influenced Punk is very entertaining.

The Substance: Albert Hoffman’s LSD

Dir. Martin Witz (Germany 2011, 90mins)

In 1943 the year the first A-Bomb was built, Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman discovered LSD and changed the world. Hoffman lived to be 100 years old. Entertaining and informative documentary.

Film & Food- The Olive Tree

Dir. Iciar Bollain, Spain, 2016

Spirited young woman and her uncle venture on a madcap road trip through Spain to retrieve the family olive tree from a cabal of investors in a charming and beautiful film about the environment and family loyalty.

Showing at Whippet and Pickle

Hell or High Water

Dir. David Mackenzie, US, 2016

Harking back to the great American films of the seventies, Jeff Bridges at his best in this taut, tense modern cops and robbers thriller with wonderful dialogue that has the feel of a western in a land of economic.

Showing at Meltham Carlile Institute


Dir. Sean Ellis, Czech Rep, UK, France


Compelling and moving true story of WW2 mission of two Czech secret agents parachuted into their homeland to assassinate Nazi SS officer Reinhard Heydrich, a chief architect of the Holocaust, which builds to a gripping climax. Introduced by the film's scriptwriter, Anthony Frewin.


Dir. Antonio Campos, US/UK, 2016

The forgotten episode of the TV reporter who committed suicide on air in 1974. British actor Rebecca Hall is simply brilliant in the real-life role of the ambitious 1970s' news anchor on a Florida television station, Christine Chubbuck, whose life starts to spiral out of control.  A tragic, sometimes funny film which is also revealing about the media.

Men & Chicken

Dir. Anders Thomas Jensen, Denmark, 2016 

Weirdly entertaining, this dark, strange tale of two brothers and their surreal, bizarre relatives stays just the right side of wackiness with exceptional performances from Mads Mikkelsen and other Danish favourites.




Dir. Kirsten Johnson, USA, 2016

Sundance award winner from veteran documentary film-maker and cinematographer, Kirsten Johnson, who interweaves 25 years of film-making into an absorbing and fascinating tapestry, revealing the relationship between her and the subjects.

Train to Busan

Dir. Yeon Sang-Ho, South Korea, 2016


You may be wary of zombie movies but this is one of the best films of the year. Fast paced, astonishingly well-directed, it never lets up in the invention stakes. A metaphor for clashing class-based moral values, it is, simply, terrific fun.



The Edge of Seventeen

Dir. Kelly Freemon Craig, US, 2016

High school life gets too much for Nadine... Hailee Steinfeld is outstanding in the lead role with great back-up from Woody Harrelson. A sharp script transcends the usual teen fare to make for a warm, funny delight and the best teen-flick of the year.


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