15 - Suitable for 15 and over

Andrei Rublev

Dir. Andrei Tarkovsky (USSR 1966, 205mins 15)
Like all great works of art this film about Russia’s legendary religious icon painter reveals more on each viewing. Now restored and remastered, this epic masterpiece with stunning scenes set in a 15th century of wars and suffering is a spiritual experience - even for those who do not believe. Suppressed by the Soviet regime, Tarkovsky’s work begs the question – how is it that great art comes out of totalitarian regimes


Dir. Sean Baker (USA 2015, 88mins 15)
Ground-breaking film shot entirely on an IPhone with a micro-budget that is thoroughly entertaining. A vibrant down-and-dirty romp as a hooker (and her best friend) try to find the boyfriend/pimp who cheated them. Would-be film-makers should see this.

Ex Machina

Dir. Alex Garland (UK 2015, 108mins 15)
Alex Garland’s directorial debut is a fine Sci-fi thriller that won many awards. Full of ideas about artificial intelligence clothed in the excellent special effects of the android (Alicia Vikander in a great performance) that is under scrutiny in the home of its billionaire inventor.

Followed by a presentation by Dr Stephen Dorril (University of Huddersfield) and debate on – where are the jet cars, the space-age clothes and the end of work we were promised? Why didn’t the future arrive? And will it ever?

Slow West

Dir. John Maclean (UK/NZ 2015, 84mins 15)
Michael Fassbender is very impressive as the bounty hunter in this excellent first feature from John Maclean. Tense, twisty and brilliant, this is an authentic, lyrical western to savour even though filmed in New Zealand.

Mistress America

Dir. Noah Baumbach (USA 2015, 84mins 15)
Kids off to school, treat yourself to a late breakfast / early lunch, followed by this fast and witty screwball comedy that’s also cool and modern about a student who cures her loneliness by following the wacky schemes of her future step-sister


Dir. Zaza Urushadze (Estonia 2013, 87mins 15)
This impressive Oscar-nominated film was definitely one of the best of the year. Set against a beautiful landscape defiled by war this deeply affecting poetic film delivers a striking anti-war message in a quiet and dignified manner.

Marshland - Film in a barn

Dir. Alberto Rodriguez (Spain 2014, 105mins 15)
Gripping award-winning Spanish film noir. Detectives try to bring to justice a serial killer in a Spain still over-shadowed by the legacy of Franco. An excellent stylish thriller, steeped in the ominous atmosphere of the marshlands.

Daisies - 1966 50th Anniversary

Dir. Vera Chytilova (Czechoslovakia 1966, 74mins 15)
A milestone in 1960s’ Czech new wave films, this is a wonderful, colourful, riotous, punk-style classic comedydrama by a female director about two young women who play pranks on men and rebel against what was seen as a materialistic society.

A Wolf at the Door

Dir. Fernando Coimbra (Brazil 2013, 101mins 15)
First feature thriller based on the true story of a couple dealing with the kidnapping of their child. A modern noir with flawless performances, it displays considerable drive, twisting and tightening to a shocking climax.


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