Climate Emergency and the Holmfirth Roads Access Plan

Saturday, June 8, 2019 - 12:00

An afternoon of films and discussion FREE EVENT  (no ticket or registration required)




Hopi word for 'life out of balance'. Unforgettable cinematic experience with a brilliant Philip Glass soundtrack. Extensive footage of landscapes and elemental forces contrasted with modern cities and technology showing how humanity has grown apart from nature.


Dir. Godfrey Reggio (US 1983, 86mins PG - 12.30pm)


PLUS: Genre de Vie Documentary on urban life, personal awareness and the powerful simplicity of bicycles, keeping faithful to the subject; Smart Cities: Palo Alto city leaders explain the need to think differently about congestion, pollution and government using smart technology; Amsterdam children fighting cars: In 1972 children in the De Pijp district fought for a street free of cars. It is now tree lined. Wonderful.


(Dirs. Sven Prince, Jorrit Spoelstra, Holland, 2012 35mins - 2.00pm), 


Discussion - 3.00pm

Opportunity to openly discuss the Kirklees Road Access Plan for Holmfirth. Panel led by Holmfirth Transition Town (HOTT), Huddersfield Friends of the Earth, campaign against the Plan and the Green Party.