Local Short Films

Over the years, one of the most loved and well attended events has been the local film night - we've shown films by local film makers, such as Miss Lockwood, Wylbert Kemp, Andrew Wicks and Mike Wade. As well as some firm favourites about the area and it's people. Here's a selection, hope you enjoy them!

Local film maker Miss Lockwood documented the changes she saw in the Holme Valley. A film made by Andy Wicks

Holmfirth centre use to have Lido! This is it's story, made by the incredible Huddersfield Cine Club.

A reel of 35mm film discovered in the studio of Brays photograpers by Helen Bray the granddaughter of the founder.

An incredible film made by Brook Motors following a river from it's source as it passes through Huddersfield - delightful.

A film about knitting with compassion by William Wintercross

Yorkshireman - Wylbert Kemp - Was a barber, chiropodist, occasional umbrella maker, experimental ear-piercer, filmmaker, artist, playwright and broadcaster. Through an inventive exploration of a families' archive, this playful documentary channels the spirit of a teller of tales who became a story himself. Asking broader questions about amateur creativity, family commitment, community cohesion and the sense of place.

There's more to ploughing than you might think...

Meet John Hill, Yorkshire farmer and world champion ploughman.
On the first part of the journey, John introduces us to the ploughing scene in the UK.
Along the way we meet a host of colourful characters who give us an insight into what is happening and why.