Very Special Afternoon Tea & Film - An Inspector Calls

Dir. Guy Hamilton, UK 1954

When someone is found dead, an inspector (a wonderful Alistair Sim) is sent to investigate a prosperous Yorkshire household and its guilty secrets. A British afternoon classic drama. 

Showing at Whippet & Pickle - Advance ticket purchase required.- tickets available direct from venue.

30th Anniversary: Matewan

Dir. John Sayles, US, 1987

Gripping historical drama about the strike by coal miners in 1920 in Virginia which was brutally opposed by the mine owners in a bitter and bloody conflict. Superb direction by independent director, John Sayles, Chris Cooper and James Earl Jones star in what critics now regard as one of the great American films of the last thirty years. Proceeds to Orgreave: Truth and Justice Campaign

The Wailing

Dir No Hong-jin, Korea, 2016

Suspicion leads to hysteria following the arrival of a mysterious stranger and series of brutal murders. The Koreans are producing great films at the moment and this intense horror thriller is one of the best films of the year. 

Local Film Night

We've done it again - found another rich crop of old and historic film of the Holme Valley and Huddersfield. The premier of our documentary on artist Trevor Stubley, Mike Wade's Summer Wine Town, old Holmfirth, foreign views of Huddersfield, a young Ashley Jackson, local music and lots more for another, emotional, nostalgia feast.

Manchester by the Sea

Dir. Kenneth Lonergan, US, 2016

A broken man returns to the New England scene of past traumas in an Oscar-nominated almost operatic poetic drama that is masterfully told and beautifully acted.


Dir. Cristian Mungiu, Romania, 2016

We would do anything for our children, wouldn't we? A brilliant, masterly, complex tragedy of moral values that is utterly compelling. Out of the oppressive, corrupt Romanian regime comes a genuine five star film.

Bunch of Kunst: A Film about the Sleaford Mods

Dir. Christine Frantz, UK, 2017

Just released documentary on the two year journey from a Nottingham bedroom to Britain's angriest band. Their brutally honest lyrics and uncompromising stance make them the only band today of any relevance. Unmissable.

Girl Asleep

Dir. Rosemary Myers, Australia, 2017


Really charming Australian coming-of-age drama that is surreal, offbeat and big-hearted in the style of Wes Anderson. A little gem that signposts Director Myers and teenage actress, Bethany Whitmore, as talents for the future.

The Wild and the Willing - dramatic film debut for Ian McShane and John Hurt

Dir. Ralph Thomas, UK, 1962


Real life friends, Manchester's 20 year-old Ian McShane ('a real discovery') and 21 year-old John Hurt ('a sensitive roommate'), make their film debuts in this early sixties drama about students and their lives in a provincial University (Lincoln). Tame now but entertaining.

The Salesman

Dir. Asghar Farhadi, Iran/France, 2016

Best Foreign Film Oscar winner. One of the world's best directors with a potent, intelligent and suspenseful plot, turning the mysteries of personality into a gripping and disquieting drama.


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