Beauty and the Beast

Dir. Bill Condon, US 2017, 139mins PG

The highest grossing PG film ever is a wonderful and beautiful looking musical romantic fantasy, retelling the classic tale with real flair and style.

 Advance tickets available online or pay on door.

Easy Rider

 Dir. Denis Hopper, US, 1969

Classic road (LSD) trip by hippies (Peter Fonda & Dennis Hopper) in search of freedom in a conformist and corrupt America. Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper find Jack Nicholson along the way. The best soundtrack of any film.


Vanishing Point

 Dir.  Richard C. Sarafin, US, 1971

Pill-popping Vietnam vet (Barry Newman) delivers a race car across America in the longest and greatest car chase on film to a soundtrack of wonderful music.

April and the Extraordinary World

Dir. Christian Desmares/Franck Ekinci, Fr.  2015

Spectacular and delightful children's steampunk-style sci-fi film bursting with colourful imagination.

The Two Dans' Psychedelic Soup + Lightshow

Holmfirth's own acidheads playing the LSD hits with a mind-blowing light show.

Psychedelic DJ

Classic psychedelic films and music from 1967

Rob Chapman talk on Psychedelia and Other Colours

Rob Chapman continues with an exploration of his book Psychedelia and Other Colours, which chronicles with acid wit, the creative manifestation and cultural impact of LSD-inspired music.

Simon Matthews on Psychedelic Celluloid: British Pop Music in Film and TV 1965-1974

Simon Matthews has written a magical history - Psychedelic Celluloid: British Pop Music in Film and TV 1965-1974 - of the influence of music and drugs on 300 Psychedelic Films, illustratedith clips from key films of the period.

Red Dog: The Early Years

Dir. Kriv Stenders, Australia 2017, 85mins 12)

Glorious true(?) tale of a 13 year old boy and his dog in the Australian outback. Beautifully photographed with great set-pieces and excellent performances from Jason Issacs and Bryan Brown, this prequel to the original Red Dog hit film will make grown ups cry.  (A must-see for anyone who watched Red Dog at Upperthong Village Hall during film festival week 5 years ago!)

 Advance tickets available online - or pay on door.

Film & Food- The Olive Tree

A Food and Film evening at The Whippet and Pickle, Holmfirth.  Advance ticket purchase required.

Your film:

Dir. Iciar Bollain, Spain, 2016

Spirited young woman and her uncle venture on a madcap road trip through Spain to retrieve the family olive tree from a cabal of investors in a charming and beautiful film about the environment and family loyalty.



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