Dir. Antonio Campos, US/UK, 2016

The forgotten episode of the TV reporter who committed suicide on air in 1974. British actor Rebecca Hall is simply brilliant in the real-life role of the ambitious 1970s' news anchor on a Florida television station, Christine Chubbuck, whose life starts to spiral out of control.  A tragic, sometimes funny film which is also revealing about the media.


Men & Chickens

Dir. Anders Thomas Jensen, Denmark, 2016 

Weirdly entertaining, this dark, strange tale of two brothers and their surreal, bizarre relatives stays just the right side of wackiness with exceptional performances from Mads Mikkelsen and other Danish favourites.



Before the Flood

Dir. Fisher Stevens, US, 2016

Wonderfully filmed, crucial, breath-taking, eye-opening documentary about the effects of climate change presented by Leonardo DiCaprio. It might have been depressing but it does offer a glimmer of hope and presents a case that even in the Holme Valley, a difference can be made.


Dir. Kirsten Johnson, USA, 2016

Sundance award winner from veteran documentary film-maker and cinematographer, Kirsten Johnson, who interweaves 25 years of film-making into an absorbing and fascinating tapestry, revealing the relationship between her and the subjects.

It Happened Here & Talk

Dir. Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo, UK, 1965

1940: the Nazis successfully invade the UK. The television series SS-GB was a poor fantasy, this pseudo-documentary made by a young Brownlow and Mollo about the British rebels' attempt to free the country is an extraordinary achievement of independent film-making made with invention.


The Third Man

Dir Carol Reed, UK, 1947

The greatest British film of all time according to critics and audiences alike. From cuckoo clocks to...


The Garden of Words

Dir. Makoo Shinkai (Japan 2013 46mins 12)

Stunning anime film about a high school student who skips school to sketch in a rainy garden.

Showing as a part of the outdoor theatre experience at the Old Bridge Hotel.


Dir. Esther Johnson, UK, 2016

Evocative documentary of archive footage tells the story of the North East's involvement in the First World War with text by Bob Stanley (St Etienne) and soundtrack by Field Music.

A Day Out

Dir. Stephen Frears (UK 1972, 49mins PG)


Alan Bennet's first play for television is a charming comedy centred on a Halifax cycling club trip in 1911 to the Yorkshire countryside.


Train to Busan

Dir. Yeon Sang-Ho, South Korea, 2016

You may be wary of zombie movies but this is one of the best films of the year. Fast paced, astonishingly well-directed, it never lets up in the invention stakes. A metaphor for clashing class-based moral values, it is, simply, terrific fun.


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