The Eagle Huntress

Dir. Otto Bell, UK, Mongolia, 2016

An awesome real-life documentary for family audiences. The first Kazakh girl in Mongolia in a 1,000 years to learn how to hunt with a golden eagle. A visual treat in which the camera simply flies. 

The Edge of Seventeen

Dir. Kelly Freemon Craig, US, 2016

High school life gets too much for Nadine... Hailee Steinfeld is outstanding in the lead role with great back-up from Woody Harrelson. A sharp script transcends the usual teen fare to make for a warm, funny delight and the best teen-flick of the year.

A Monster Calls

Dir. J A Bayona, US, 2016

Splendid melodrama of a boy who seeks the help of a tree monster to cope with his single mother's terminal illness. Great performances in a deeply affecting movie that brings a lump to the throat. Partly filmed around Marsden.

Toni Erdmann

Dir. Maren Ade. Germany/Austria, 2016

The best foreign language film of the year. A practical joking father tries to connect with his hard working daughter. Surreal, very, very funny, very German, and, ultimately, tragic.

Nightmare Before Christmas


Dir. Henry Selick, US 1993, 73mins PG

Burton's most beloved film is Disney at its best.  A stop-motion animated dark fantasy in which Santa Claus is kidnapped. Not for all children this spooky film just shows how brilliant Christmas is.

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Dir. Denzel Washington, US, 2016

The Pulitzer-winning play becomes a Great American Film in the hands of director/actor Denzel Washington. Multi-award winner, brilliant acting from Viola Davis and spellbinding language in a drama of 1950s' working-class Afro-America.


Dir. Denis Villeneuve, US, 2016


Twelve mysterious spacecraft appear across the globe... A big high-concept sci-fi that is both epic and intimate, mixing realism with a sense of wonder. Ideal for a Saturday afternoon.

Land of Mine

Dir. Martin Zandvliet, Denmark/Germany 2015, 101mins 15

Admired by both critics and audiences this little known post-war story of teenage German PoWs who were forced to clear thousands of mines from Danish beaches is a tense and tragic affair which leaves a deep impression. Finally released here, this was Denmark's Oscar entry for best Foreign Language Film. 

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Late Night Tequila- Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

Dir. Sam Peckinpah, US, Mexico, 1974


Peckinpah's most personal film is the ultimate cult film. An American bartender (a brilliant Warren Oates) and his prostitute girlfriend on a road trip across the Mexican border that descends into a dark, surreal killing spree, helped by large quantities of tequila.

La La Land

Dir. Damian Chazelle, US, 2016

Romantic musicals - what happened to those? Back with a fistful of awards, this delectable treat starring Emma Stone and Ray Gosling brings a tear to the eye and a broad smile.


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