The Wild and the Willing

Dir. Ralph Thomas, UK, 1962


Real life friends, Manchester's 20 year-old Ian McShane ('a real discovery') and 21 year-old John Hurt ('a sensitive roommate'), make their film debuts in this early sixties drama about students and their lives in a provincial University (Lincoln). Tame now but entertaining.

A Monster Calls

Dir. J A Bayona, US, 2016

Splendid melodrama of a boy who seeks the help of a tree monster to cope with his single mother's terminal illness. Great performances in a deeply affecting movie that brings a lump to the throat. Partly filmed around Marsden.


Dir. Denis Villeneuve, US, 2016


Twelve mysterious spacecraft appear across the globe... A big high-concept sci-fi that is both epic and intimate, mixing realism with a sense of wonder. Ideal for a Saturday afternoon.

La La Land

Dir. Damian Chazelle, US, 2016

Romantic musicals - what happened to those? Back with a fistful of awards, this delectable treat starring Emma Stone and Ray Gosling brings a tear to the eye and a broad smile.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Dir. Taika Waititi NZ, 2016

There are moments of pure magic in this New Zealand-based comedy drama about a national manhunt for a rebellious kid and his foster uncle played by Sam Neil. An oddball treat that both critics and audiences love.


Showing at Meltham Carlile Institute 

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