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Sing-A-Long Hairspray

Dir. Adam Skankman, US 2007

Get ready – get energised for pure movie entertainment. Baltimore 1962. Timeless camp with show-stopping tunes in a truly memorable musical starring Zach Effron, John Travolta (as a woman), Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Queen Latifah. Let’s see that hair!



Addicted to Sheep

Dir. Magali Pettier (UK 2015, 86mins PG)
Terrific documentary exploring the life of a hill farming family in the North Pennines rearing the perfect sheep. This beautifully observed film is both tender and funny, and a delightful but unlikely hit with audiences and critics on the festival trail.

The Good Dinosaur

Dir. Peter Sohn (USA 2015, 93mins PG)
Pixar’s most stunningly beautiful and thrilling animated feature to date, this coming of age
dinosaur story is pure family entertainment.

Song of the Sea

Dir. Tomm Moore (Ireland 2014, 93mins PG)
Cinematic magic for all the family in this enchanting visual feast from the Oscar winning team that produced The Secrets of the Kells. Combines sumptuous animation with a fine narrative based on Celtic folklore.

Mr Holmes - Film and Talk

Dir. Bill Condon (UK 2015, 104mins PG)
Ian McKellen is wonderful as the long-retired private detective at the end of his life who is happy to look after bees until his housekeeper’s son revisits an old unsolved case. Set in1947, this is a lovely twist on the Sherlock Holmes legend. Introduced by crime novelist and Sherlock Holmes expert, David Stewart Davis, who has written extensively on the subject.

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