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Dir. Garth Davis, Australia/US

Uplifting and moving true story of the journey of an Indian street-child to adopted Australia is an excellent family drama full of mystery and romance, and a whirlwind of emotions with fine performances from Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman.



April and the Extraordinary World

Dir. Christian Desmares/Franck Ekinci, Fr.  2015

Spectacular and delightful children's steampunk-style sci-fi film bursting with colourful imagination.

The Blue Lamp

Dir. Basil Dearden, UK, 1950


Newly remastered, this crime thriller centred on new police officer Andy Mitchell, his mentor, George Dixon, and young criminal hooligan, Dirk Bogarde, was immensely popular. The first film to look at the day-to-day activities of the police, it remains an interesting social document of the times.


It Happened Here & Talk

Dir. Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo, UK, 1965

1940: the Nazis successfully invade the UK. The television series SS-GB was a poor fantasy, this pseudo-documentary made by a young Brownlow and Mollo about the British rebels' attempt to free the country is an extraordinary achievement of independent film-making made with invention.


The Third Man

Dir Carol Reed, UK, 1947

The greatest British film of all time according to critics and audiences alike. From cuckoo clocks to...


A Day Out

Dir. Stephen Frears (UK 1972, 49mins PG)


Alan Bennet's first play for television is a charming comedy centred on a Halifax cycling club trip in 1911 to the Yorkshire countryside.


Kubo and the Two Strings

Dir. Travis Knight, USA, 2016


Gorgeous epic adventure. A young boy must find the magical suit of armour his father wore... Beautiful stop-motion animation, dazzling and spectacular with big ideas for children of any age.



Food & Film- El Sur

Dir. Victor Erice, Spain, France, 1983


Re-released and remastered this is a perfect, exquisitely beautiful and often moving film about a girl living a northern Spanish city who is fascinated by a South which oozes mystery. One of the great Spanish films.

Life Animated

Dir. Roger Ross Williams, US, 2016 

Captivating and moving multi-award-winning coming-of-age documentary about a boy and family who overcame the challenge of autism by immersing themselves in the world of Disney animation to reconnect with the real world.

Long Way North

Dir. Reme Chaye, France, 2016 

Beautifully crafted animation family masterpiece to enrich a child's experience of film. Instead of marrying her Prince Charming, a young Russian aristocrat embarks on an epic quest in a film of female empowerment. 


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